The New Commons at Life University

Life University

Academic / Institutional Marietta, GA  |  100,000 sf

“Anybody can throw up a building. But what does the building say to the people that inhabit it…How does it change culture…How does it promote self-discovery…How does it influence behavior?”
– Dr. Guy F. Riekeman, Chancellor

The New Commons at Life University offers undergraduates a 362-bed residence hall that aims to facilitate community engagement and provide a base for academic success. Design of the New Commons sets itself apart with a delicate balance between aspirational spaces for self-discovery; spaces for study and collaboration; and spaces for socialization, each with an inherent focus on community. Students are greeted by a slide, weaving its way into the lobby from the floors above. Opposite the slide is a 200-seat dining café/commons that serves the entire LIFE Community.

Noteworthy: There are 12 common spaces throughout four floors and no two spaces are the same. Design was motivated by the “Faces of Inspiration,” a collection of inspirational individuals, including Nelson Mandela and Golda Meir, whose words are featured prominently throughout via custom-made environmental graphics.

The New Commons were awarded top prize in the Spring 2019 Learning By Design Awards. View the project here.

Marietta, GA
Life University
100,000 SF
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The building incorporated energy efficient systems and low-emissive insulating glass. Additionally, natural and recycled materials are utilized throughout the space
Grand Prize - Learning By Design 2019 Spring Awards
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