King & Spalding Childcare Center

King & Spalding

Academic / Institutional Atlanta, GA  |  15,000 SF

CCCA created a safe harbor for the children of King & Spalding’s employees, reminiscent of a playful treehouse.

The King & Spalding Childcare Center offers a whimsical facility that accommodates 108 children, featuring graphics and architectural design like decorative steel and glass fencing reminiscent of flowers that cohesively bring a child’s imagination alive. This adaptive reuse uses environmentally friendly materials and forms to further embody a nurturing atmosphere. In addition, CCCA renovated and programmed the remaining 40,000-SF of the building to accommodate both the Tort and Environmental Litigation departments, as well as senior management level office spaces.

Noteworthy: CCCA’s renovation of King & Spalding’s office spaces included the improvement of the interdepartmental circulation, improving workflow and allowing flexible space for expansion.

Atlanta, GA
King & Spalding
15,000 SF
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