On Wednesday morning, CCCA’s Associate Architect, Ian Reves, will be moderating a panel discussing tenant needs and development amenities at BizNow Atlanta’s “Office of the Future” event.

As we cast a glance around the latest deluge of articles predicting the “future of work” we’re seeing lots of the same old debates, a few new ideas, and some that have us wondering:

1.) How might owners/operators creatively combine on-site amenities with special, local points of interest for tenants?

As the world goes global, places go more local. We not only crave place as humans, but tenants demand it. Be it start-ups looking to seed their fledgling brands in a unique culture, or an existing enterprise looking to attract remote workers back to the hive. How do the best owners/operators capitalize on what’s right outside their doors?

2.) How do you disrupt the status quo to present a property of distinction while remaining agile enough to adapt once a tenant’s on-boarded?

Pairing a property with a new client can be challenging. We can look to the panelists for insight into how they devise their perfect recipe, whether through data, research or simply asking their clients outright. How do they get to know their tenants and better tailor properties to meet their real and assumed needs/wants?

3.) What sources do you see as influencers in the property amenities race?

Competitors? Other cities? Other countries? Facebook? Are any publications at the forefront of property amenities? We are so saturated with inputs that it’s hard to know where to look. Our panelists have their fingers on the pulse of the best  informative sources.

We hope to see you tomorrow as we seek to ask better questions about what really makes a workplace great.