We say we want it.
We say we want to be part of it.
We say we want to foster it.
But what is change?
What does it mean for our industry? For our clients? For ourselves?
Change is a scary concept. It is unknown, but at the same time, unwavering.
Change is something all of us face in our professions. We face changing trends, changing codes, changing project scopes, and changing environmental factors.
Two of our architects have been pondering this. When asked “what is the biggest challenge our industry faces today?”, they both mentioned change.

Chamberlaine Beard, architect and quiet creative, indulged in change from the perspective of expectations and identifying and managing those expectations.
She said, “The scope and extent of architectural services can seem as though it is constantly changing. Universally, we tend to abide by the notion that we have to perform over and above initial expectations – from producing extra drawings to attending last-minute meetings. With constant shifts in the goal post, our challenge as architects is to identify expectations and add value while working towards a common goal.

Ian Reves is passionate about sustainability and, as a bold proponent for change and out-of-the-box thinking, he tackles the prospect of change differently, saying:
We have to challenge our teams to think much more creatively about the potential our architecture and spaces can have for our clients well into the future.
We fret that nobody knows what that future will look like, so we fall into the trap of thinking we can’t design for it. But the truth is, the future will come into being based on what we design.
So, let’s lead the way.
Let’s imagine our way forward.
Let’s not pretend this is impossible.
There are no limits; that’s what’s so great about the future!